The Blue Poets are eager to revive Blues Rock as they release “With Your Eyes”

Revel in the sensation of the blues guitar. Beautiful melodies that can make you think of the great Jimi Hendrix or Lenny Kravitz, boy, those are some great artists to be compared to. Add in a powerful voice that can truly sing the deep lyrics that “With Your Eyes” sings about, you are in for classic. The Blue Poets have the combination of catchy guitar playing and voice that can pierce through your soul. The vocals being provided from the frontman Gordon Grey is honest and meaningful. We say that in regards that Gordon not only sing us the lyrics but he can also make us feel as those words were specifically written for our ears only.

The second half of the song is when the we are able to allow the guitar playing from Marcus Deml really channel your inner guitar hero. For a full-on minute we hear and see Marcus really whale on the guitar, channelling his emotions to the every strum, every pick, every slide or hammer-on. Ever heard the phrase finger-licking good? That is what Marcus must do every time he finishes one of his signature guitar solos because yes, they are that freaking finger-licking good. You owe yourself a great track today. Enjoy “With Your Eyes” from The Blue Poets.


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