Bitter’s Kiss and The Blue Stones release feel-good song for the holidays with “These Bells Will Ring”

Webster’s dictionary has hundreds of thousands of definitions for words we don’t even know about. Personally, the dictionary is wonderful, but it us up to us as readers to interpret what a specific word means to us. Allow us to dive a little deeper to the word we have come to know as a trait that is unwanted. Vulnerable: susceptible to emotional or physical harm.

No one ever wants to feel vulnerable to things that may do them harm. May is the key word here. Bitter’s Kiss and The Blue Stones bring you “These Bells Will Ring”, which allows them to show their vulnerability that they have been known to show and tell. You may be thinking that they’re crazy for allowing strangers to have a chance to emotionally harm them, but the beautiful thing is, that when they show their emotive songwriting,it’s a revelation of not being afraid to show who they are. Many of us wish we had the courage and strength to go out onto the world and worry not of being judged.

These Bells Will Ring” allows us as listeners to really dive into the emotions of of this young star and into ourselves. Peace will come to those who allow themselves to be shown. Allow yourself to say “Hello world! I am here, I am who I am and I don’t have to be afraid anymore” Anyone can judge you but to let it affect us is indeed up to us. “These Bells Will Ring” is a short and sweet proclamation to the world. Let us proclaim with Bitter’s Kiss as we listen and share.

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