Swet Shop Boys – Zayn Malik [Video]

Oh, what a time to be alive. 😐

Our President, while the rest of the world watches in sad awe, is slashing years of progress with single strokes of the pen and it isn’t even Friday. Taking aim at this global uncertainty with their new video for bangin’ Cashmere single “Zayn Malik,” actor Riz Ahmed, Das Racist’s MC Heems, and beat-crafter Redinho better known as Swet Shop Boys drop a timely visual that flies in the face of anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric muddying the world scene at the moment.

Capturing the realities of life in London’s multicultural Southall and Whitechapel neighborhoods, the video celebrates diversity through classic hip hop imagery juxtaposed against contemporary reality. Swagged out entourages and flashy rides are caught on camera by drone-like aerial shots only to be rebuffed by throngs of brown skinned youth reveling in the light-bearing festivities of Diwali.

It’s clever commentary on the state-of-things and a welcomed slap in the face of conservative extremism’s stranglehold on Western civics. Stream below, then grab your copy of Swet Shop Boys debut album Cashmere available now.

Swet Shop Boys Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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