Huey Lewis and the News – If This It

The year was 1983. Bleached blond hair in tandem with a sun kissed beach body was the look; the pasty white, Sun-is-my-enemy style I’m more accustomed to…was not. Capitalizing on the former was San Francisco’s premier soul-pop act and this month’s throwback spotlight.

Household names at this point thanks to two widely successful albums, Huey Lewis and the News looked to ride those good waves even further with another solid chart performer, “If This It.” A laid-back and breezy pop anthem, the single would peak at number 6 on the Hot 100 charts due in large part to its accessibly low-key groove and signature bluesy harmonic element. And the visual accompaniment profiling the Santa Cruz boardwalk doesn’t hurt.

These guys’ catalog is as impressive as any other group from the era, but there’s just something about a group of business casual guys crooning tenderly over a lost love that gets me every time.


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