Lil Dicky ft. Brain – Pillow Talking

Do you fuck with the war?

And with that comedic query, Lil Dicky is back once again to make your sides split and head nod. “Pillow Talking,” a cut actually from 2015’s Professional Rapper, is the latest and possibly most ambitious visual production from the young visionary.

Directed by Tony Yacenda, the nearly eleven minute opus starts innocently enough; the traditional tropes of booty smacking and bravado boasting set the scene before taking that Lil Dicky turn for the funny [though using an adjective as simple as funny may be selling him a little short this go round].

After a one-night stand, his bedmate decides to stick around a little longer than anticipated so the two invite discussion on a range of topics from the aforementioned war to creationism to the unbelievable mediocrity of Domino’s pizza. It’s relatable, it’s witty, it’s surprisingly deep.

But that’s not all the piece boasts. There is an abundance of next level CGI, a cameo from John C. Reilly as God, and a feature from Dicky’s dab-happy Brain. All while an infectiously simple beat keeps the dialogue flowing fresh. Get your laugh on with a play below:

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