Hunter – HMAK Dead [LP]

It is with a heavy heart that I pass on today’s troublesome news. HMAK is dead. Yes, the dangler supreme HMAK is dead. Reports are swirling that local DMV rapper Hunter is the one responsible for his demise.

That’s the premise behind Hunter’s latest album HMAK Dead, his project of reinvention. The first full length since shedding the HMAK moniker falls in line with his previous works but there’s something special this go ’round. The musical growth is apparent; he’s taken his game to the next level.

Like most noteworthy albums, each track tells a unique story but when fit together just so they form a complete musical narrative that wouldn’t flow any other way. An introduction track by the same name sets the tone and from there the metamorphosis is on. Tracks like “Turnt” and “No Strings” showcase polished production and cerebral lyricism but the undertaking really hits its stride when you get to the meat of the middle.

The trio of “Standard,” “All The Time,” and “Bad Guy” stand out as three of the album’s finest pieces of electro-hip-hop with their bumpin’ basslines and penetrating verses. Rounding out the remainder are some choice cuts featuring a slew of the Good Company crew before wrapping with a fitting post mortem of sorts.

“Suicides,” like “Doubts” before it, is one of the more personal cuts demonstrating a keen aptness for intimate introspection. It’s also a strong case for whats to come from the young MC and if this LP is any indication, it’s only big, dangly things. Stream HMAK Dead below and grab your own copy now via iTunes:

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