Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance [Throwback]

The year was 1990. In a world of fast food giants, McDonald’s was behemoth but that didn’t mean there wasn’t room to cultivate, especially with the assistance of a one hit wonder and cultural phenomenon name checking you in one of the era’s iconic lines.

I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom.

Brutish, yet elegant. Simple, yet complex. The elucidation of a true wordsmith.

Of course I’m referring to the time-honored classic and savior to burgeoning burger joints everywhere, “The Humpty Dance” by Oakland collective Digital Underground. Lead track off of their debut Sex Packets, this hip-house hybrid highlights the sexual hubris of one braggadocios Humpty portrayed by the indelible Shock G.

Infectious drumming samples paired with the emotive and at times amusing lyricism [see above] made for an instant hit, one that would peak at #11 on Billboard’s Hot 100, but number one in the hearts of the countless fans of raw percussion and Groucho Marx memorializing. Relive the fun with a stream of the often hilarious visuals below [bonus points for spotting the young 2Pac cameo]:

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