Merk & Kremont – Sad Story (Out Of Luck)

When you think of EDM you usually think uplifting melodies, danceable grooves, and carefree lyricism but auspicious beatcrafting duo Merk & Kremont have flipped that notion on its head with their latest, “Sad Story (Out Of Luck)” via Spinnin’ Records.

Actually a flip of Ady Suleiman’s soul-stirrer “Out Of Luck,” energetic rhythms and playful synths remain but they’re juxtaposed with the young soloist’s bleakly captivating storytelling. And it works. Speaking on the anthemic pop-tinged track the two say:

We were coming back from a gig and we heard the original song on the radio – we had to Shazam it ‘cause we had never heard of it, but we both fell in love with it instantly and decided we just had to make our own version! We actually laid the first tracks that same night, even though we were so tired, we just had to do it. This is the result, and it feels like our best work yet.

It’s definitely worth a few listens, both for the shimmering production and vocal realism. Stream below and grab your own copy:

Merk & Kremont Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter


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