Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks – All of the Lights

It requires moxie to take on a Kanye West classic so it’s comforting to know trap connoisseur Alexander Lewis and current go-to production duo Brasstracks are blessed with it in spades. Their instrumental rendition of 2010’s “All of the Lights” is not only a worthy compliment to the original, but a contemporary groover all its own.

An all out jazz celebration, the cut is layered with vibrant brass-work and a pulsating bass aspect that fuse with an underlying percussive sway harking back to the Yeezy iteration. And as the trumpets pipe along you can almost hear the non-existent lyrics jump off the track. A soulful and spirited interpretation, bump this one all Summer ’17 long:

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Brasstracks Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter


2 responses to “Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks – All of the Lights

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