Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 [Album Review]

It’s official; Summer ’17 belongs to Calvin Harris and his Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. Well documented here, the Scotsman’s fifth studio album is a sonic departure of sorts. What with its heavy reliance on island grooves and urban aesthetic, but like great acts before, that shift is a sign of aural adaptability and ingenuity.

No more evident than on the string of singles already previewed, first taste “Slide”, the collab-packed “Heatsroke,” chilled-out “Rollin,” and my choice for Song of Summer “Feels,” this deviation of sound is prominent throughout the remainder of the long player. Tracks like “Cash Out” and “Skrt On Me” capture that West Coast party-bounce perfectly while others like “Prayers Up” and “Holiday” impress with their laid-back flows from standout features.

The only misses, and just barely too, come at the record’s conclusion. “Faking It” and “Hard To Love” don’t land the same electroni-funk impact as intended. A touch on the drawn out side, the two coupled together would seem to do better as interludes rather than a closure.

Still, the cohesive effort should be your soundtrack to the sunny season ahead so settle in with a stream below.

Calvin Harris Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Twitter

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