20 Fingers – Short Dick Man [Throwback]

The year was 1994. Penile brevity had reached epidemic levels. And to make matters worse, pop-cultured society was laughing in the face of victims worldwide; especially lowlighted by today’s throwback. The anti-cause single, “Short Dick Man” by beat-crafting duo 20 Fingers, was a punch to the gut for males everywhere with its accessibly groovy pop-house rhythms and catchy lyrical mockery.

Of course this is mostly bullshit but it makes for a fun write-up, right? The cut was actually written as a protest song of sorts, one to counteract the harassment women were subjected to by men in modern music. Here featured artist Gillette emasculates males everywhere joking “Isn’t that cute, an extra belly button,” and asking “What in the world is that fucking thing?” all while the high-hat kicks and bass thumps along.

And even though it barely cracked the charts, it still registers as a classic party starter in some circles. But next time you decide to bust it out, make sure your less-than-endowed friends aren’t in the room.


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