Sløtface – Pitted [Video]

After being introduced to Sløtface’s charming wallflower anthem “Pitted” a few weekends ago, I was excited to see the visuals make their way to my inbox today.

A glimpse at the shenanigans the Norwegian four-piece find themselves reveling in, the video serves as an optic pep talk for the introverts of the world needing that night-out push. Vocalist Haley Shea explains:

The lyrics are all snap shots from good nights out that we’ve had and we really think the way the song progresses represents the way a memorable night of partying feels.

Nailed it! The video is just as fun, upbeat, and engaging as the unconventional pop-punk tune it represents. Stream below, stay tuned for the band’s debut album Try Not To Freak Out releasing September 15 via Propeller Recordings, and as always spread them some love:

Sløtface Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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