Kristian Nairn – Bigger

Kristian Nairn is a name known to European house music connoisseurs and obsessive Game of Thrones’ fans alike. When not sacrificing his life for Bran Stark as the adored and well-missed Hodor, the Northern Irish actor enjoys a second career as a producer and DJ, one that he’s been cultivating for the last decade plus.

Looking to capitalize on his previous successes, he’s dropped his latest club cut “Bigger” via Radikal Records, which lives up to its title in every way. In Nairn’s own words:

I’ve been fortunate enough to tour the world over the past few years playing at some of the most amazing venues, with such incredible crowds, and this track really evolved from the sound of my live set.

He’s spot on when you consider the track’s propulsive bassline against the backdrop of towering progressive house rhythms. And the visuals, comprised of various club sets and invigorating crowd love, add to the grand scope of the song.

Stream below, grab a copy, and for those fans here in the states you can check him out at as he brings his Rave of Thrones DJ set to a city hopefully near you:

Kristian Nairn Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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