For Your Weekend…

Like any busy music blog, Digital High’s inbox gets hit up with submissions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously good, that this one dude can’t possibly keep up with. So I’m going to batch post the best of the bunch every Friday to help you groove on into your weekends. It’s my chance to spread even more exposure to the deserving artists out there, enjoy.

YeoDesire Path
– with all the electronic dexterity you could have hoped for, the piecemeal-previewed LP is finally here in full. dig in with the digital stream or for the audiophiles out there, pre-order the vinyl release

Izzy Bizu – White Tiger (Cat Carpenters Remix)
– already an international sensation with global streams nearing 100 million for the young Brit, check out this frankly fun house flip from the duo of accomplished Amsterdammers
Will Sparks ft. Priyanka Chopra – Young and Free
– the innovative beat-crafter’s fresh production with futuristic feel serves as the perfect backdrop for the multi-talented actress to lend her vocal and songwriting chops to
Anna of the North – Money
– one of those acts I’ve always felt I should appreciate, I’m finally coming around to the Norwegian-Kiwi duo as they release this darkly sweet alt-popper
Adrian Underhill – Cruel
– another taste of the singer-songwriter’s debut album, this throwback to pop genres past gives a voice to the oft silenced; something this world desperately needs right now
TyC ft. Nerose – Get To Know Ya
– after taking the time and effort to hone his craft, this promising up-and-comer drops a sizzling and downright impressive electroni-pop collaboration off his upcoming debut EP
Charles Rivers – Burning
– by way of the Miami musicmaker’s latest, it’s some good ‘ole fashioned vocal house flush with luscious synth-work and percussive layers that will leave you heated
The Urban Renewal Project ft. Hugh Augustine & Alex Nester – Road To Victory
– an ambitious blend of jazz, neo-soul, and contemporary hip-hop this 15-piece ensemble out of Los Angeles drop a seriously satisfying fusion for old and new heads alike. look for more of this unique sound when their 21st Century Ghost drops September 15 via Fastrac Records

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