The Lonely Biscuits – Never Said (Liz Phair Cover)

It takes a determined man, or in today’s case three, to cover the venerable 90’s indie Queen Liz Phair. But Nashville’s nostalgia-seeking-trio The Lonely Biscuits are up to the task, and then some, as they take on Phair’s beloved breakthrough “Never Said.”

Interjecting a youthful exuberance of contemporary charisma, the band manages to take ownership of the adolescent-melodrama account while still paying homage to the similar spirit of the original. The core sonic structure remains but is introduced to new riffs and vocal twists that serve to enhance the atmosphere and energy for this update. But while no person can truly live up to the standards of Phair excellence, these three have offered up a worthy compliment.

You can find the cover on the Biscuit’s upcoming The San Francisco EP, out September 22 via Most Lonely Records, but for now stream below:

The Lonely Biscuits Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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