Snoop Dogg ft. Chris Brown & O.T. Genasis – 3’s Company

While the idiom “Make America _____ Again” has been run into the ground and beaten like a dead cliche’d horse, I’ll give Snoop Dogg a pass for naming his upcoming EP Make America Crip Again. With bona fide contributions to American culture too numerous to count, the legendary MC has earned it.

Last week he released the politically charged anthem of the same name, but it’s the second preview that I’m getting behind. “3’s Company” finds Uncle Snoop linking up with Chris Brown and O.T. Genasis for another exhausted truism but dammit if this beat doesn’t have me grooving right now.

Excesses of sexy ladies and substance-fueled nights is as common a theme in hip hop as are the lies that come from Donald Trump’s thumbs, yet it’s the synth-laden bass and deep bounce overshadowing that played stereotype that resonates. And not to be totally dismissive of the lyrical content, Snoop and Genasis drop some gratifying verses while C Breezy lays down an undeniable hook.

Stream it below and be on the lookout for Make America Crip Again this Friday Oct. 27:

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Chris Brown Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter
O.T. Genasis Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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