New Edition – Candy Girl [Throwback]

The year was 1983. Your boy was readying his world debut for a year later, but in the interim another group of adolescents were already enjoying the early stages of a whirlwind career. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Michael, and Ralph, going by their collective name New Edition, were just five friends from the Boston ‘burbs making good ole pop-tinged R&B.

You may have heard of today’s throwback “Candy Girl” before, I mean how could you not have? The lead single off of their debut album by the same name was an international success and is damn near required 80’s listening. Billed as the answer to the aged out Jackson 5, the cut would climb the charts both domestic and abroad due in large part to the accessibly appealing grooves and Jackson-esque harmonic qualities. Cute kids singing about young love? It’s a tried and true formula as old as time!

However; that success wouldn’t last forever. The inevitable infighting would lead to solo projects and multiple breakups over the next decade. But don’t they say time heals all wounds? The boys, now grown men, have since reunited and are enjoying once again a second wind. Look back on where it all started though with a stream below:

New Edition Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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