Peking Duk – Wasted

As so many cheery faces have reminded me, today is Valentines Day, the manufactured holiday created by corporate charlatans looking to swindle hard earned money from a gullible populace who would rather conform than miss out on a blowjob tonight.

But I’m not bitterly single or anything!

Luckily I can call up my magnifique music mistress who today takes on the form of Peking Duk’s latest. “Wasted” is a glowing electroni-pop ode and coincidentally a very accurate description of how I plan to spend my night. But only because I’ll be soaking up the retro-styled basslines and anthemic melodies the Aussie hitmakers have laid down so thickly.

Cuddle up with your own Valentine’s drinking partner, stream the new cut below, and grab your own:

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