For Your Weekend…

Like any busy music blog, Digital High’s inbox gets hit up with submissions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously good, that this one dude can’t possibly keep up with. So I’m going to batch post the best of the bunch every Friday to help you groove on into your weekends. It’s my chance to spread even more exposure to the deserving artists out there, enjoy.

ALMAHeavy Rules Mixtape
– with a much deserved breakout lying ahead, the Finnish soloist releases her take-notice EP

Sagan – Need You Too
– gearing up for the season ahead, the burgeoning beatsmith drops a festival friendly future house crowd pleaser c/o Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label
Spazz Cardigan – Episode
– from the blooming multi-talent out of Nashville, get lost in this effortless fusion of genres singular and similar
Coast Modern – Electric Feel
– after listening to this psychedelic re-imagining of the MGMT breakout, you can understand why the Los Angeles act doesn’t remember recording it
Paulaa – All These Stories
– boasting an uncommon passion for creating sound and song, get familiar with this London trip-popper and her emotionally rousing latest
Saint Marilyn – Burn Burn Burn
– downtempo synthpop never sounded so smooth thanks to the Bushwick duo. keep your ears open for a groovy third act riff too
– brainchild of singer-songwriter David Child, enjoy the Philly project’s delicate and emotive ode to memories come and gone
Nuela Charles – Do It Right
– channeling a throwback sound all her own, the Edmonton emoter delivers a contemporary bop full of soulful bounce
Serious Klein – Boy Boy
– teaming up with Chance The Rapper collaborator Rascal, the German rhyme-spitter drops a bruisingly bold flow
SK – Polo
– buoyed by bombastic lyricism and a subtle bounce, get down with the feMC’s latest

Turbowolf ft. Sebastien Grainger – Cheap Magic
– final taste of their album The Free Life c/o So Recordings, its a gush of turbo-charged rock featuring the multi-accomplished Death From Above drummer and vocalist

Final Stair – Morning Dew
– and boasting audacious tones and one soaring melody, the international rockers come correct on their latest

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