Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown – Freaky Friday

Forget Dave Chappelle, Tiffany Haddish, or John Mulaney, my money is behind Lil Dicky as the funniest comic out there right now. Ok that sentiment might be a bit inflated, but the YouTube sensation turned bonafide hitmaker is consistently spinning comedic gold with his self-depreciating and oft irreverent style.

His latest piece “Freaky Friday” is more of the satirical same. Playing off the time-honored trope of body switching, the joke-spitter swaps personas and verse with featured guest Chris Brown, a case rife with lyrical potential [seriously, does dude just get a pass now because society has a collective memory of about three minutes?].

Anyway…highlights include Dicky as C. Breezy finally able to use the n-word, while C. Breezy as Dicky marvels at the noticeably different state of his manhood, all over a bumpin’ beat from DJ Mustard.

But it’s not a true LD effort without an equally amusing visual to accompany. From scantily clad models strewn about to an elaborate dance break, its as over-the-top as you’d expect. There’s even an inspired Kendall Jenner cameo [a phrase I hope never to repeat again]. Stream the silly below and grab your own while you’re at it:

Lil Dicky Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter
Chris Brown Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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