Harry Hudson – Love, Dad

Losing a loved one before there time is one of life’s greatest sorrows, but out of deep sorrow can come truly inspirational beauty. That sentiment is felt so profoundly on folk-pop poet Harry Hudson’s haunting message to his father “Love, Dad.”

Taken from the young soloist’s debut album Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night, a project born out of his own battle with cancer, the dedication was originally intended as prose for a grieving parent. But with the unexpected and untimely passing of his father shortly before the long player’s release, the piece metamorphosed into something much more.

‘Love, Dad’ was probably the easiest song for me to write, and is the hardest for me to listen to on the entire album. After my Dad passed the song took on new meaning for me. I added a voice note of us at the end so I can share his love with everyone who hears it.

That raw emotion strung throughout the solemn bars and verse begins to carry even more burden now. But it’s Hudson’s unshakable vocals and uncommon connection that make the song what it is, a beautiful memorial both weighty and uplifting.

Consider yourself moved with a stream below and be sure to check out the rest of Yesterday’s Tomorrow Night out now c/o MSFTSMusic:

Harry Hudson Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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