Arkells – People’s Champ

Canadian outfit Arkells are known for their undeniable alt-pop-rock acclamations; their latest single a brand furtherance. “People’s Champ,” lead from their upcoming fifth studio album, is an anthem born out of a desire for simple guidance and direction in an world full of would-be heroes. Frontman Max Kerman explains…

It’s about the guy who acts like Robin Hood, but is the farthest thing from it. But that’s OK: look around and you’ll find people’s champs all around ya.

That sentiment resonates through funky riffs and runs and spirited melodies rooted in pop sensibility. All in all its a piece of song-crafting any listener can groove to and get behind.

Stream below and grab a copy of your own out now c/o Last Gang Records, and be on the lookout for the forthcoming long-player later this year.

Arkells Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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