Jordan Mackampa – One In The Same

Jordan Mackampa just may be one of the most soul-stirring singer-songwriters you have never heard of. And that needs to change!

The Congolese born, London based bard is consistently turning out tunes that touch and transform; his latest being no different. “One In The Same,” his first release of 2018, engages the mind and body with a strong import of the intricacies behind human interconnection and an even stronger underpinning of upbeat, indie anima. Speaking on the track, he says:

We are all connected electronically, yet distant from each other somewhat physically & emotionally. I tried to incorporate how much of our “online personas” consume our day to day lives, because no matter where we are in the world, everyone sees the same black screen when their phone dies and it’s only our reflections staring back at us, leaving us all a little bit lonely.

Substance and style set to sublime sound, that’s the Jordan Mackampa you should get to know. Give the new cut a stream below and be darn sure to spread the social love:

Jordan Mackampa Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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