Ames – Picture In My Mind

Amy Kuney is the singer, songwriter, and musician better known as Ames. The triple threat is maybe known more her lyrical accomplishment behind the scenes, writing for some of pop’s bigger names, but given the chance her own originals stand just as tall.

…like her latest release, the electroni-popper “Picture In My Mind.” Dealing with the denouement of decoupling in the digital age, the new cut paints a beautifully melancholic picture with strokes of pointed lyricism and brushes of melodic ascendance. Speaking of the track, she explains:

[It’s] a song about heartbreak and how social media can play an unhealthy role in that heartbreak, forever reminding us of the other person and showing us things we were never meant to see

That very real torment, captured through a biting percussive element, is thankfully rendered almost obsolete by song’s end with the inclusion of an uplifting piano line and reassuring vocal take from Kuney. It’s that juxtaposition of painful pleasant and that makes this one work so well.

And it doesn’t hurt she also shared the Donnie Darko inspired live visuals with the release as well! Stream below and be sure to spread some extra love socially:

Ames Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter

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