Hank Compton – Loser EP

Nashville’s Hank Compton has already impressed with his 80s tinged “Judge Me,” but he’s back to extend that good run with EP Loser.

A tight four-track treat, the short-player includes the aforementioned and three other alt-pop charms. Highlighted by the captivating title track, the collection builds off of that allure with the bold “Can’t Be Loved” and sweet serenade “Call It What It Is” featuring Maisy Stella. Speaking on the album, he says:

These songs were written in a period of time where I was experiencing both monumental changes and stagnant comfortabilities. The way these songs were written/produced split between ethereal soundscapes and neon textures, which speaks to the part of me fantasizing escaping, while the organic “real” elements was me facing the change I couldn’t control. Overall, it’s me trying to find peace in myself, not my surroundings.

Get on board while the getting’s good!

Stream below, grab a copy for yourself, and spread that social love:

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