Bootleg Rascal – We Independent (Official Furriends Video)

This is not a drill. Repeat, this is not a drill.

Aussie groove-smith’s Bootleg Rascal and their official visual accompaniment to “We Independent” are on the cusp of a cuteness meltdown. That’s because furry felines assuming the roles of the famous Friend’s characters is almost too adorable to manage.

Set to the smooth tones of the funk-pop tune, the little kitties recreating the iconic intro and other memorable moments to deserved ovation. And of course there is a nod to the Phoebe Buffay original “Smelly Cat.”

But it wasn’t all fun and frolic. Video producer Laurie Mahon says:

Cats are a complete nightmare to film. When we shot this, we were continually chasing them around and breaking up little tiffs. Totally worth it though.

Those bits will hopefully be saved for the cutting room floor edition, or is that kitten room floor?

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Bootleg Records, and spread that social love:

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