Ivory Layne – December

A Justin Timberlake sign-off? Sign me up!

That’s the brief summary behind Nashville singer-songwriter Ivory Layne’s story as the Villa 40 signee releases “December.”

A delicately crafted alt-pop piece off of her upcoming Confetti EP, the new release is a candid reminder that the negativities in our lives are not permanent. With the help of a commanding piano line and driving percussion, the impassioned vocalist proclaims “it’s only heavy for so long.” Speaking on the track, she has this to say:

The idea behind ‘December’ is life having many seasons which subject us to changes in our circumstances and outlook. But it flips the at-times negative, (‘nothing lasts forever’), into a hopeful promise – rough patches aren’t permanent, (‘this too shall pass’).

It looks like this pick is paying off.

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Villa 40, and spread that social love:

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