For Your Weekend…

Like any busy music blog, Digital High’s inbox gets hit up with submissions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously good, that this one dude can’t possibly keep up with. So I’m going to batch post the best of the bunch every Friday to help you slide on into your weekends. It’s my chance to spread even more exposure to the excess of deserving artists out there. Enjoy!

FLAVIA – “Blue (Stripped)”
the versatile vocalist dials down the style, but tunes up the emotion on this soul-stirring version of her Outloud cut; grab a copy for yourself

Gianna Alessi – “Reaction”
the bass runs deep while the vocals reach wide on the NYC singer-songwriter’s latest offering; grab a copy for yourself

Argonaut & Wasp – “Pretend You Know”
wind down your Sunny Season with this throwback-pop transition into the breezier Fall-feels; grab a copy courtesy of +1 Records | Empire

The Sonder Bombs – “Crying Is Cool”
and ahead of 2021’s Clothbound release, the Midwest musicians share this slice of doo-wopped indie-rock; grab a copy courtesy of Take It To Heart Records


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