For Your Weekend…

Like any busy music blog, Digital High’s inbox gets hit up with submissions ranging from the ridiculous to the ridiculously good, that this one dude can’t possibly keep up with. So I’m going to batch post the best of the bunch every Friday to help you slide on into your weekends. It’s my chance to spread even more exposure to the excess of deserving artists out there. Enjoy!

MONOWHALES – “Out With The Old”
the Canadian rock force storm out of the 2021 gates with this sonic F-U to the past; grab a copy for yourself

The Effens – “Pavement Age”
confront your own perceptions of morality on the Canadian quartet’s introspective, alt-rock arrangement; grab a copy courtesy of Hidden Pony

Carly Opacic – “Luna”
taken from the EP of the same name, enjoy the aspiring singer-songwriter’s indie-pop sound with a folk twist; grab a copy for yourself

Eva No – “100%”
alluring and delightful, the Swedish talent captivates on her dance-pop record; grab a copy courtesy of Yellow Rhinestone Records

Dark Heart – “Don’t Speak”
the L.A. beat-crafter kicks off his year with this bumpin’ electro-pop banger; grab a copy courtesy of DGTLBEATS

Cooper Phillip – “Head Over Heels”
it’s time to embrace your own sense of self-worth with the empowering singer-songwriter as she guides you along this funky pop proclamation; grab a copy for yourself

Middle Kids – “Questions”
and ahead of their newly announced album Today We’re The Greatest, the Aussie three-set share this poignant weave of rhythm and lyricality; grab a copy courtesy of Lucky Number


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