Luna Morgenstern – Done

Following on the release of her debut single “In My Head,” Dutch newcomer Luna Morgensten shares her second single from upcoming EP Taking The Blow [out July 8] “Done.”

A solid sequent effort, the singer-songwriter and engineer-producer’s new tune is a peppier take on the power-pop temperament as it builds a dynamic soundscape around bold rhythms and triumphal verse and hook. Speaking on the track she has this to say:

It’s a song that I want to gift to those who have felt oppressed, patronised, judged, confined and unsupported. I sing this to all the women who are brought up to please the male gaze (whether it’s intentional or not).

As the lyrics suggest, she is clearly ready to take this moment on.

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of the independent act herself, and spread that social love:

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