Alice Merton – Hero / Island

One of pop music’s more underrated talents is back with a fiery new release, the double single “Hero / Island.”

A double dose of alt-pop reality, the two tracks sum up Alice Merton’s musings on a troubled year. Speaking candidly, she says:

Everything I felt in the last year was summed up in the first two sentences of the song. It’s about the conflict of wanting something so bad, but realizing you just don’t have the strength to fight for it anymore.

And that emotion is felt throughout the whole of the first cut, while the second functions as a worthy compliment. The vocalist continues:

‘Island’ acknowledges the struggle and desire to survive together, while ‘Hero’ calls a ceasefire and waves a flag to announce its surrender.

Give this talent some much deserved buzz with a stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Mom + Pop Music, and spread that social love:

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