Blood Red Shoes – MURDER ME

For all the true crime devotees out there, Blood Red Shoes put the cultural phenomenon to song on latest tune “MURDER ME” (gah!).

Taken from their upcoming GHOSTS ON TAPE, this ominous, alt-rock offering feeds the obsession with ruinous riffs, mysterious verse and hook, and a general air of unease. Leaning into the sensation, one-half of the duo Steven Ansell says:

The intrigue and mystery of them, the fascination of the humans on the outskirts of society and the harm people can do, the weird romance and darkness of outsiders, the threat and fear that it could happen anytime; that obsession has spilled over into many of the songs on this album, especially this one.

Can you survive a listen?

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Velveteen Records, and spread that social love:

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