Shelf Lives – Shock Horror

Post-punk trappings tangle with trash-pop realism on Shelf Lives’ juiced up preview of their Yes, offence [out April 28] project.

“Shock Horror” is a blunt reminder that sometimes people just suck. Corrosive riffs and driving percussion pair well as vocalist Sabrina takes on society’s troublemakers in melodic manner. Speaking on the track, she offers:

[The song] is an homage to our worst nightmare of a human. An amalgamation of specific traits that are so transparent yet irresistible…The catch is that this type of person is annoyingly frustrating in that you can’t help yourself but feel a little bit sorry for them. They’re lost, probably lonely, and super cliché which makes them harmless and so easy to dislike

But still, it sounds so good.

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Not Sorry Mom Records, and spread that social love:

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