Jay Alan ft. Alexa Wilhelm – Lovesick

Written for an absent boyfriend, Jay Alan taps into an emotion we’ve all felt before on his new collaboration “Lovesick.”

The alt-pop bop features newcomer Alexa Wilhelm who joins the singer-songwriter in a melodic back and forth celebrating the intensity love brings to a relationship. Speaking on the track, they share:

I lived with [my boyfriend] through the pandemic and was with him 24/7, so even a few days on my own felt very lonely. I wrote the chorus to send as a little ‘I love you and miss you’ voice memo, but the song just bloomed after that. – Jay

[The song] encapsulates the spark, excitement, and hesitation felt at the beginning of a new relationship. That’s a really special feeling to capture. – Alexa

Been there, done that, but this listen makes it all worth it.

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of the independent act, and spread that social love:

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Jay Alan Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter
Alexa Wilhelm Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud | Spotify | Twitter


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