Chaz Cardigan – Rockwell

Realizing the American dream is a fantasy so few achieve that most appreciate it’s more of a myth we find comfort in. Chaz Cardigan puts that notion to song with his latest “Rockwell.”

A clever play on words, this alt-pop rocker nails the subversive aesthetic with acerbic lyricism followed up with killer
riffs and runs. Speaking on the ideas behind the cut, the singer-songwriter says:

[The song] is the fantasy of what [a relationship with the United States] could be. Total ecstasy in the white picket fence myth — traditional gender norms, power, and institutions that care about you. It’s a lie, but it’s fucking fun to believe in.

And it’s fucking fun to listen to.

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Nvak Collective, and spread that social love:

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