Vanity Police – Chapter 1

Washington, D.C. duo Vanity Police (aka Tommy Tranq and Sidney Riley) are setting 2022 on fire with the release of their pandemic-born album Chapter 1 today. Released independently, the eight track LP is the beginning of a high-octane journey through an ever-shifting soundscape of hard-hitting techno.

Created almost entirely digitally during the height of the Covid pandemic, the new project was a real meeting of the minds. What started as coffee at Dunkin’ right before the onset would soon develop into demos being passed back and forth that would eventually become a truly collaborative effort in the toughest of times.

Touching on the process, vocalist Sidney Riley adds:

It was kind of like two head chefs in the kitchen, each adding different ingredients to a huge pot on the stove, taste testing it throughout, and finishing with something we both thought was a good blend of delicious music that spoke to each of our styles.

Bon appétit!

Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of the act themselves, and spread that social love:

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