PNAU & Khalid – The Hard Way

PNAU are situating themselves as go-to-collaborators quite comfortably these days. Their Khalid-featured latest is no different.

“The Hard Way” is another strong, dance-pop piece from the trio of music-makers and the addition of the soulful vocalist solidifies this as one of the more pressing, must-listens. Speaking on the experience, the acts share [respectively]:

We are so very excited to share this with you. Working with Khalid has been an absolute dream, we hope this song shall live in your hearts like it does ours.

It’s just awesome; it’s feel-good but then the lyrics have that melancholy, bittersweet thing about them. It’s that juxtaposition, that the lyrics are heartbreakingly sad but if you listen to the song, you can’t help but smile.


Stream below, grab a copy courtesy of Columbia, and spread that social love:

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