Vistas – Last Together

If you’ve ever found yourself slinking back into yourself, Vistas have penned your anthem with “Last Together.”

The first follow-up to their The Beautiful Nothing project earlier this year hits it hard from the word go, creating a big, brash sound despite the lyrical nod to reclusion. But that’s the point according to frontman Prentice Robertson:

I like the contrast of the song sounding big, heavy and in your face while the subject matter is about not being noticed. In myself, I know that when I feel outcast as a result of a situation I’m in, I so much want to be bold and break through that barrier but there is this emergency stop that shuts down what I’ve carefully articulated in my head and I think that the disparity between the music and lyrics sums up that feeling.

Well said. Well executed.

Stream below, snag a copy courtesy of Is Right Records, and spread that social love:

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