MUNA – One That Got Away

Alt-pop trio MUNA have been on the periphery of Digital High’s purview, giving cursory listens here and there, but that changed after their inspiring (and inaugural) Coachella set. Now they’re a take-notice act as evidenced by most recent release “One That Got Away.”

Premiered for the first time live at the seminal music festival, this playful piece of synthful vengeance has since built strong support among critics and fans (some new) alike. That’s due, in large part, to a throwback sound and candid lyrical play from lead vocalist Katie Gavin. Speaking on the process, she shared in a press release:

This song is just rubbing your hot ass in the face of someone who messed up their chance of being with you. It’s a bit vengeful and mean, but also fun. Fuck it. Once I sent Naomi and Jo the demo they really took the cockiness in the lyric and vocal performance and carried it to the extreme with the production of the track. It became this super bombastic, Janet Jackson–era track.

On the periphery no more! It’s that type of earnest music-making approach that’ll keep listeners tuned in for more.

Stream below, snag a copy courtesy of Saddest Factory Records, and spread that social love:

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