Thit Lin – Drama Queen

Friends are great and all…until they’re not. Berlin-based Thit Lin takes on those types of toxic friendship with her latest “Drama Queen.”

The dream-pop bop highlights the singer+songwriter’s struggles as she remains the sane one in a doomed rapport, ushering in a sound and message to meet the moment. Driving percussion plays against engaging synth runs, creating a soundscape that surprises but soothes all the same. Speaking on the process, she shares:

I initially produced a basic demo myself to better convey my vision to producers, and we used that as a base to craft the sound into what it sounds like today. In many ways, the song became what defined the overall sound and direction of the [forthcoming] EP [This is Take One].

Looking forward to it, if this offering is any indication and it certainly is.

Stream below, snag a copy courtesy of Venice Music, and spread that social love:

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