Route 94 ft. Jess Glynne – My Love (YOUNG BOMBS Remix)

So the official release of Route 94’sMy Love” has been out for almost a year now and while a genuinely good track on its own I haven’t given it much thought nor an honest spin in some time.

That’s all changed now that the YOUNG BOMBS have let loose their imaginative juices into this “stop and take notice” house rework. While staying true to the sound of the original the Canadian duo inject their own high energy fun with penetrating progressions and pulsating synths fit for sweating the night away with your better half or a group of best friends. They even manage to accentuate the already potent vocals of Jess Glynne, today’s highly sought out feature, giving her an even more electric presence on the finished project.

I’ll be adding this one to the rotation immediately; I suggest you do the same via this FREE DOWNLOAD:

And don’t forget the social media hookup:


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