CeCe Peniston – Finally [Throwback]

The year was 1991. House music, widely popular in the underground clubs, hadn’t managed to capture the same mainstream enthusiasm. But in the early 90’s that would change when a few female-driven dance classics broke through the prevailing barrier, altering musical prejudices near and far.

In the thick of this symphonic shift, beauty queen turned recording artist CeCe Peniston would release “Finally,” her biggest hit and a beloved mainstay of those torturous middle-school dances. Borrowing the piano riff from another prominent Ce Ce [Rogers’ “Someday”], Peniston and her production team composed an exhilarant tour-de-force that would take the dancefloor and charts alike by storm. The track would sit at number one on the US Dance chart for two weeks, but the real triumph was reaching number five on the US Hot 100, one of the first true House cuts to ever break the Top 10. But it’s no surprise given her full-bodied vocals and a cortege of untiring beats were leading the charge.

CeCe would team up with the legendary Paul Oakenfold for a 2011 update, but for me nothing will come close to the magic of the original:

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