Nick de la Hoyde – Its All A Game

Music’s electronica driven ethos of late is fun an all, but every now and then it’s great to hear real live instrumentation on a track the way our forefathers intended. I impart to you Sydney Australia’s Nick de La Hoyde and his rock & hip-hop hybrid “Its All A Game.”

This gut punch to your aural sensibilities fires on all cylinders from the drop as the young singer/songwriter finds himself channeling another well-known “de la,” Rage Against The Machine front man Zack de la Rocha. His quick hitting, passionate flow blends well with the old school Rage sound featured so prominently and you can’t deny the imposing guitar solo, elevating the cut to “must hear” levels.

Feel something with a spin below and give Nick some social love too:

Nick de la Hoyde Facebook
Nick de la Hoyde Instagram
Nick de la Hoyde Twitter
Nick de la Hoyde YouTube

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