zerobridge – Run

New York City is home for about a million and one musical acts; its vibrant street life and rich culture lend themselves fully to the music making method. Block to block it’s hard not be impressed by the volume and variety of sound and substance the Big Apple has to offer.

Alt/indie four piece zerobridge have been forging mindful rock and roll amidst the New York backdrop for the last 14 years. Comprised of Din Mohi-ud-Din on lead vocals, his brother Moh on drums, bassist Greg Eckleman, and lead guitarist/producer JP Bowersock, the group already has a handful of self-released EPs and full lengths under their collective belts. And this summer saw them issue Big Songs for Small Spaces, thirteen sizable tracks recorded in the tiniest of Chinatown studios.

“Run,” the album’s standout for me, engages your senses from the start with seasoned percussion keeping the tempo moving at a bustling pace. Then some lofty electric chords and Din’s uniquely pleasing lead vocals round out the cut making for a slice of robust rock realization, on par with any of the best NYC has to offer.

Listen below and grab a copy of Big Songs for Small Spaces now available via iTunes. And spread the social love while you’re at it.

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