The Chainsmokers – New York City

To be honest I haven’t been too impressed with The Chainsmoker’s last couple of releases; ‘Roses’ and ‘Waterbed’ were fine and all but I found myself unenthused after a few spins. So I tempered my expectations when I saw the duo was dropping a new track this past Friday, but I could not have been more wrong.

“New York City,” an homage to the duo’s fickle hometown, is the type of electronic force these guys are known for. And on par with their earlier progressive house hits, the synth-laced scorcher kills it, featuring seasoned beds and an impassioned hook from Olivia Zaro you won’t be able to shake.

Do yourself a solid and spin below. And do your damnedest to check these guys out live as they’ve just embarked on their Friendzone Tour, tickets on sale via their Facebook page.


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