DNCE – SWAAY EP / Pay My Rent

DNCE, the Joe Jonas fronted suppliers of bounce, are wasting no time in delivering fresh material following their delectable debut “Cake By The Ocean.” The foursome dropped their introductory EP SWAAY last week and let me say it packs a lot of punch in just four tracks.

You already know my thoughts on ‘Cake,’ so let me chew on the rest of the fare for you real quick. “Toothbrush,” the sensually charged track 3, is a satisfying attempt at a late-night groover highlighted by libido encouraging rhythms and Jonas’ coquettish melodies. Track 4 “Jinx” changes the pace some, sounding suspiciously like a late 2000’s JoBros throwaway while still managing to come off as a contemporary radio-ready hit.

But it’s track number 2 that I’m saving all this blank space for. Picking up where ‘Cake By The Ocean’ leaves off, “Pay My Rent” kicks in with its own funky flow layering speaker busting percussion and subtle organ synths. Capping it off is an undeniably catchy hook that has a very Robin Thicke-esque vibe and that’s never a bad thing. Spin the party starter below and be sure to grab a copy of the SWAAY EP now via iTunes.

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