George Benson – Turn Your Love Around [Throwback]

The year was 1981. A decade that saw the rise and fall of disco had wrapped, a decade of new wave rhythm and blues was in its infancy. George Benson and his dulcet tones managed to capture the soul of both with a string of smooth jazz hits including today’s throwback.

Now early 80’s R&B isn’t really my wheelhouse but I know a solid tune when I hear one. “Turn Your Love Around,” written exclusively for the musicmaking legend’s greatest hits album The George Benson Collection, is a sleek and sexy jam for the contemporary adults out there with its unhurried tempo and warming vocal resonance. I can only imagine the countless 80’s weddings that saw grandma and grandpa getting fresh with each other when the DJ dropped this record at the reception.

Fun fact 1: it was one of the earlier pop tunes to adopt the drum machine

Fun fact 2: the idea for the song came from co-writer Jay Graydon on the toilet…

I was in the bathroom when I came up with the melody, and I was sitting down, if you get my drift. Well, I got off the can as fast as I could and got to a cassette machine so I wouldn’t forget it.

So get comfortable on your own porcelain throne and stream below:


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