Lil Dicky – Lemme Freak (NIGHTOWLS x Sam F Remix)

If you’re not familiar with Lil Dicky, YouTube sensation and idol to fratboys all over, you’ve been missing out on some of the years most hilarious and genuinely credible hip hop.

Exhibit A: The financially conscious baller’s anthem “Save Dat Money”

Exhibit B: The all too relatable “Lemme Freak”

It’s the latter that put him on the map so its natural to see low rent bootlegs pop up from time to time. This week saw something special though; it’s a heavy bass reworking that flips the boots-knockin’ original into a dirty dancefloor filler. Los Angelinos NIGHTOWLS and Sam F have let loose a banger of the highest bang, incorporating nasty house beats and seriously deep drops at home in your favorite after after hours spot.

The original will never be topped, but this re-cut is right up there with it. Spin this sucker below and grab a free download via TropiKult while you’re at it.

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