Stephen – Hello (Adele Cover)

Hi, if you’ve had a pulse the last two weeks you may have heard the news about Adele shattering all kinds of sales’ records with the release of her latest chart monster “Hello.” It’s not really my cup of tea [don’t kill me] but hey it’s classic Adele and that is a proven moneymaker, more power to ya girl.

So of course everyone and their angelic-toned grandmother had to get in on the cover action. Joe Jonas and his DNCE crew donned clown makeup for theirs, US’ X Factor bro band Emblem3 tried taking a crack at it, and even country singer Cam put her own spin on the downbeat ballad. But none of those compare to the welcomed take from California songcrafter Stephen, whose indie-alt version makes me feel certain things the original never could.

He leaves nothing on the cutting room floor as the emotion pours out through his rousing vocals, but it’s the instrumentation that’s the real selling point here. Guitar, drums, synths, you name it, he executes each himself to a flawless T. Plus he even interpolates “Rolling in the Deep” as an added bonus.

No surprise here but this ranks as one of my favorite covers of 2015. Catch what’s up with a stream below:

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