RuPaul – Supermodel (You Better Work)

The year was 1992. Life was FABULOUS. The only care eight year old me had was whether or not my mom had remembered to cut the crusts off my sandwich or not. And like any other untroubled youth at the time I sought out music to match my mood. Grunge was boring, I wasn’t ready for rap yet, and country…forget it. So dance-pop it was and who better to capture that jovial attitude than drag royalty RuPaul.

Probably my first glimpse into the world of gender bending, Ru was simply fascinating and captivating. Sashaying and shantaying through life, he produced not only fun and lasting musical achievements, but also a positive expectation for all those queer kids out there. The one song to encompass both attributions, his signature smash “Supermodel (You Better Work).” The classic house clubber, off his debut album Supermodel of the World, was made famous on the dance circuit and then beyond thanks to its accessible grooves and anthemic overtones the gay community could embrace. Hell, even Kurt Cobain cited it as one of his favorites of 1993.

For better or for worse it was camp chic, without being too in your face; something early 90’s audiences could tolerate. Live larger than life with a play below:

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